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  • 1940 Foundation of “Estudio” in a chalet in Calle Oquendo, Madrid.

  • 1941 “Estudio” grew: rental of another chalet in General Mola, Madrid. Performance of the first “Auto de Navidad” (Traditional compilation of samples of Spanish classics performed at Christmas).

  • 1943 Performance of the Auto de Navidad at the María Guerrero Theatre
  • 1947 Reproduction of the Historia del Romancero (Collection of Mediaeval poetry pieces)
  • 1950 “Estudio” moved into the building at no. 8 Calle Miguel Ángel, Madrid, thanks to the Jimena Menéndez Pidal’s connection to the “International Institute for Girls in Spain”.

  • 1954 Creation of the Students’ Association
  • 1968 Transfer of all school years to the Valdemarín building (Aravaca, Madrid)

  • 1972 Creation of the “Estudio” School Friends Foundation
  • 1972 Creation of the Estudio Sports Club
  • 1990 Death of Jimena Menéndez-Pidal
  • 1991 Creation of the “Estudio” Ex-Alumni Association
  • 1994 Creation of the Estudio Foundation
  • 2001 Death of Carmen García del Diestro
  • 2002 Inauguration of the New Building: Lecture Room and Sports Hall (Jerónimo Junquera – Liliana Obal).

  • 2005 Death of Ángeles Gasset
  • 2010 The Estudio Foundation culminated the absorption of the “Estudio” School, meaning the activity thereof had been directly integrated into the Foundation that would manage and coordinate it.
  • 2015 75th Anniversary of the “Estudio” School.



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