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The Charter clearly defines the purposes to be pursued:

  1. To guarantee the excellence of the “Estudio” School as a private, independent centre, which promotes an educational model of coexistence, tolerance and solidarity, with great open-mindedness in terms of the comprehensive education of the person in responsible freedom; a school in which learning leaves behind the limits of the classroom and programmes; a school in which the task of educating is impregnated with a sense of ethics that must preside over life and which starts to appear at a young age; a school where sensitivity, the search for aesthetic values, the correction of ways of acting and respect for others and the environment bring style to everyday life.
  2. To research, educate and spread the idea, urging the Estudio Foundation to favour access to education through the creation of new study and education grants, awarding these in memory of those people who contributed in the past to the reality of “Estudio” today through their support and generosity.
  3. For the Estudio Foundation to become a forum into which different voices are incorporated to enrich and support it, to make this educational project that started over half a century ago possible, not only lasting but remaining alive, anticipating society’s educational needs.
  4. The Estudio Foundation must connect and collaborate with Education in all fields and at all levels, to support it in the fields it considers most necessary and ensure that the “ESTUDIO” Institution continues to occupy the prestigious position it has held, as a special educational option, within the vast field of Education. 



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